Postman Canary 6.2.2 - error booting system

Tried to boot up Postman Canary 6.2.2, today and it has come back with the following error message:

vendor-shared.js:83465 Error in the app boot sequence Error: Could not find default workspace while booting session
at Object.then.then.defaultWorkspace (requester.js:12428)
console.error @ vendor-shared.js:83465

from vendor-shared.js:83465:

if (window.RELEASE_CHANNEL !== ‘dev’) {
let _consoleError = console.error;

// this is to push all console.errors to crash reporters
console.error = function (error, {
  let errors = [];
  if (!error) {
  if (_.isString(error)) {
    error = new Error(error);
  } else
  if (!_.isError(error)) {
    error = __WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_3_circular_json___default.a.stringify(error);
  }, function (errorContext) {
    if (!errorContext) {
    if (_.isError(errorContext)) {
    } else
  pm && pm.crashReporter &&, { extra: errors });
  _consoleError.apply(console, arguments);


I have looked at the file directory it references and the files are not hidden and are there in the .asar format.

I have tried to uninstall and redownload the latest from online, but it is the same problem every time.