Postman application hangs on blank splash screen

My question: I’m using an AWS Workspace for development. But I can’t get Postman 8.9.1 to work properly on it. The installation appears to be successful, but when the application starts, I see a blank splash screen. The application hangs there.

I can use an older installer, 8.0.7, to install and run the Postman application, but after the auto-upgrade, I get the blank splash screen.

I suspect that this might have something to do with how user profiles are managed with AWS WorkSpaces. But clearly something’s changed between the older version of the Postman app and the newer version.

Details (like screenshots):
Using an AWS WorkSpace that’s running a Windows 2016 Datacenter desktop.
The issue is with the Postman app 8.9.1, but an older version works fine 8.0.7.
There are no warnings or errors in Windows Event Viewer.

How I found the problem:
Encountered the problem right after an initial install of the Postman application.

I’ve already tried:

  1. Closing the app and relaunching
  2. Closing the app, ensuring that no Postman services are running in Task Manager
  3. Uninstalling, reinstalling 8.9.1
  4. An older version of the installer, which works.

I got the same thing on a Windows 10 VM (but not AWS). I solved by disabling GPU rendering.

Create an environment variable POSTMAN_DISABLE_GPU set to false.

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Thanks! Your solution worked for me. I just needed to set the system environment variable POSTMAN_DISABLE_GPU set to true in order to have the application launch correctly. (The article you linked describes it correctly. Double negatives are tricky!)

My initial thought – that it was related to user profile issues due to using an AWS Workspace – was clearly not the case.

How can you disable GPU when Postman hangs on the splash screen?

As described in the link in the solution, you need to set he system environment variable POSTMAN_DISABLE_GPU set to true

The original issue on github has screenshots for how to do this:

Perfect, got it working, thanks.