Postman application fails to start

When Postman starts, only blank window is displayed. When hovering over the window, mouse cursor is switching between default pointer and pointer with hourglasses all the time. When clicking on place where main menu should be displayed, menu pops out and I can even open Dev Tools, but again only blank window opens, so I cannot see anything.

Running Postman from console shows no errors in console. Clearing caches and reinstalling does not help, the behavior is still the same.

I was using version 6.0.10 and problem started after auto-updating to 6.1.2. Went back to 6.0.10 (which works normally) and later auto-updated to 6.1.3 - this version fails to start too. Tried also canary build with the same result.

My OS is Windows and I tried both x86 and x64 versions.

Is there anything I can do to get Postman to work?

Can you try the workaround suggested here -

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Disabling GPU helped, thanks!