Postman 7.2.2 (Mac) runner 'run order' window and 'run history' windows toggle needed


Since the run order window (very useful) has been introduced, if I want to go to the run history window I have to open a new runner window.

Unless I am missing something (?) can we haver the ability to toggle from ‘Run Order’ window to ‘run history window’ and vice versa?


Is this what you’re trying to do?

Maybe this needs to be more visible now or located in a useful area on the Runner UI?

Whoops - if I see right you are navigating out of the collection view to the topmost level for collections, which = the runs view…

ok - I can see that now - I can’t say if maybe it should have a jump, or perhaps some breadcrumbs…?
… but I can say that it seems to work - thanks!

Glad you have it working now. :trophy:

I think it should have something a little more obvious, if it’s causing confusion, then it’s probably not intuitive enough. :frowning: