"Recent Runs" in Collection Runner: Bulk operations not a thing yet?

In the Collections Runner in the desktop application, the right-half of the window is dedicated to a history of all the collection run operations you’ve done. It looks like you can delete them from the history one-at-a-time, or export them from the history one-at-a-time. Is there no way to select multiple histories to delete/export all at once? It’s super tedious to clear them out as I do them, and equally tedious to have to go manually delete the cache if I have way too many to want to do them one-by-one. (Also, which cache file is it even, anyway? I just delete them all, which is also tedious).


In the History section you can hold down control, select multiple request histories and then use the delete icon at the top to delete them all at once. There is also a Clear All selection at the top of the History section if you want to remove everything.



That’s in the Postman primary application interface. The Collection Runner is independent of that, and it’s “Recent Runs” section does not include the functionality you state.

You’re right, I missed that. Having that functionality would be beneficial in the Collection Runner as well.