"Runs" tab to the right of "Variables" missing when viewing a collection?

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My question:
How do I launch/find the “Runs” tab that is supposed to be to the right of “Variables” when viewing a collection? I would like to see metrics after using Collection Runner on a collection.

Details (like screenshots):
Please see the screenshot from here in official Postman documentation:

While in my Postman, there is no “Runs” tab to the right of “Variables”.

How I found the problem:
I saw the tab in the example in Postman docs, but not in my local Postman.

I’ve already tried:
Looking in the collection runner tab before and after executing iterations. I cannot find anywhere to show metrics and compare them to past runs of the same collection.

That’s part of V10, which is currently rolling out to users over the next couple of weeks.

It’s awesome that you’re wanting to get you’re hands on the new features!! :heart:

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