Can't find Collection Runner v8.0.3

I’m new to POSTMAN but have been using it for several weeks and really enjoying the Collection Runner feature. I’ve used it almost everyday - when I opened Postman this morning (1/29/2021) the Collection Runner feature was missing. So I checked for updates and according to Postman I was up to date (i.e. v8.0.3). So I checked with other team members and they still have the feature but are running version 7.36.1 I decided to uninstall and reinstall but still no Runner…

I’m running the Windows version – 64bit



Never mind ---- I was able to find the release notes and now runner is in lower right of screen…

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Check release notes — Runner button is in lower right of UI now

Hey @tjmurray

You will also see the Run option in the Collection and Folder level when the tab is open.


REALLY missing the current status of a collection run as it’s progressing through the requests.
e.g. 10 succeeded, 2 failed, … and live counts as the runner works through the requests.
screenshot attached, top left corner green and red circles and are “live” while the runner is going.

2021-02-23 11_25_28

In the new runner, not seeing any counts or progress on how far through the runs I am.

UPDATE: duh… I see the counts now right above the list of tests: Passed (33), Failed (0)
just dont have a feel for how many total tests there are. I miss the progress circles… :smile:

It took me a day to find it =.=