Postam App is not working

I recently installed Postman but when it opens it doesn’t load anything. It just keeps loading the app intermittently. I uninstall and reinstall the program but it still doesn’t work. None of the menu options are useful.

I’m using version 8.0.8.
Windows 10 64bits, 14bg ram, Corei5.

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download one of the old versions from here and it should work

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Hi @yerzinperez :wave: Welcome to the Postman Community!

Sorry for the hassle, but happy to help!

It might be due to web-socket connection issue.
Are you able to use the web dashboard ( without any issue?

If you are using VPN/Firewall/proxy etc, please whitelist the following domains to allow WebSocket connections for Postman:


By default webSocket connections use the same ports as HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443).

If the issue persists, please submit a support request from the following link so that we can assist you further!

Hi, thank you.

Yes, the web version works. But the app not.
I’m not using a VPN, proxy, etc.

It doesn’t not work. The same problem.

I think the app restart again and again because I try to open the developer console and It opens but after it closes again. If you see the images, the app starts in blank, after it’s show the menu, and it’s blank again.

getting same issue on windows 10, x64 bit version of Postman, installed today. Chrome loads, inner connect displays briefly then resets over and over.

After it self reset about 30 times, it loaded.

Hey @yerzinperez,

Sorry to hear the issue is persisting.

The desktop app v8 tries to fetch data from our server when it’s launched - this is one of the main differences from v7 and below. So if network environment can affect its performance.

Can you try connecting to another network like your mobile hotspot and see if that helps?
If the issue persists, we would need to investigate further, so could you submit a support request from below?

Thanks for your cooperation on this.
I am looking forward to hearing back from you!

I have the same issue. Just signed up for an account and downloaded both the 32 and 64 bit versions of the client (8.0.9). On first load, it opens the browser for authentication and that part works fine. But, it is never repeated regardless of how many times you re-install the software. When the client is opened, it tries to load a UI and this gets stuck in a loop. I do have some restrictions on my network, so I will try the suggested Whitelisting above and report back.

Hi @yerzinperez
I kind of faced this issue sometime before, I was unable to use the postman app but the postman chrome extension and postman web were fine.
If you are using your work laptop and connected to the corporate network, Corporate networks might be using content gateway tools like websense which may block some network requests initiated from installed apps.
I resolved it by contacting the IT helpdesk in my company.
It will be also worth checking your windows firewall settings which sometimes may block few apps from establishing network connection.

We Whitelisted the domains listed above about an hour ago and the initial UI load is still looping. So, I’m comfortable that its not a network issue. I will raise a support request.

The app just started to work, its unclear why or if it will remain working.

We have identified an issue that could be causing the mentioned problem in the latest versions of Postman our team is actively working on a fix.

Meanwhile, as a workaround can you please download version 8.0.7 from our website

Alternatively, you can also use Postman Canary

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, we’ll keep you posted on the progress


Hey there, thank you very much everyone for your comments and responses. Yesterday I contacted postman’s technical support and they gave me an answer:
I installed Postam Canary to validate if the problem persisted in that version. However, in this version it works normally.
What I did then is uninstall Postam 8.0.8 completely from the system and delete the files in these two locations:


After that I installed Postman 8.0.9 and it now works normally.

Thank you all very much, I hope this can serve you all.

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Hello :wave:,
Just a quick update on the issue.

Our team has released a new version that addresses the issue and everything should be working fine on the latest version published on our website.

You can download v8.0.10 here -

Sorry for any inconvenience caused