Old collections and history are missing since I upgraded

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Are there specific security concerns that have not been addressed in the pages listened below?

Security information can be found on our Security & Trust Portal and on the Security & Trust FAQs.

There is also a FAQs section on the announcement blog.

If there any additional questions that need answering around this area, please reach out to us on migrate@postman.com and we can assist you with them.

This option is worked for me thank you. I was scared

Can you elaborate why Postman decided to remove functionality in the new version? Previously, everything can be done locally. Now, it requires having an account. Clearly, a compromise in security.

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The links within this thread will provide you with the information around the changes we announced back in May.

We do still have an offline version, the Lightweight API Client, where your data is locally stored. Details about this feature and the usage of it can also be found in the links on the thread.

Please do read these various pages and if you have any questions that are not cover, reach out to us on migrate@postman.com.

It is not clear to us who receives our data and how it is reused. Also, it is not clear to us how the information Postman receives from our APIs is used. We also consider our API keys to be compromised if they are uploaded outside our environment.
We do not have the resources to also prove to our partners in an audit that the data is secure with the new Postman regulations. We also assume that Postman will not be able to meet the requirements of our partners.

Therefore, only an older version without an account requirement will help us.

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Hey @tempuser9000

Can you confirm that you have read all the information in the security related links, that were provided in this thread?

If there is specific question that’s not covered, please reach out to us on migrate@postman.com.

Following your advice, we have read through the pages again. Some of our questions have now become clearer. Thanks for your help.
We still have the problem that our agreements state that we are not allowed to upload data.
But we could now export our data from Postman.
If there should still be a link with an older version of Postman that we can continue to use for the time being, we would be grateful if we and the other users could still receive it.
We would be happy to report in this post how we solved our problem(s). But this will probably take some time. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks.

We are now using Hoppscotch in a docker container. So for us there is no longer a requirement for login.

Thanks, this saved my day.

Previously I didn’t have an account and so had offline collections only. After the update/upgrade I was forced to switch to Lightweight API Client but all my collections were gone. Then I tried to create the account which didn’t made any difference, no collections still. Some of my request history remained visible but after a restart it was gone too.

But doing the suggested steps “Settings” → “Data” → “Migrate data” → selected my new empty (default) workspace → click “Move data” did recover all my offline collections :pray:

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