Move a Request to another Collection or Workspace?

how we can Move a Request to another Collection or Workspace ?
it’s so bad there is not any COPY or CUT option in Context Menu …


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Moving requests from one collection to another should work by drag and drop :slightly_smiling_face:

For workspace level sharing, so far only Collections and Environments are allowed, and you can refer this similar post if needed.


So essentially … in source collection create a collection containing the request you want to copy… then move that collection to the destination workspace … then move the request where you want it in the destination workspace …

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Yes, or you can duplicate the collection in your source workspace and move the duplicated collection to your destination workspace.

Few resources which might be useful:

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The drag and drop in my case fails a lot, so much that it is super frustrating. Same is the case of deleting a folder.

Any chance there’s a programmatic way to do this?

I have created an account especially to reply here:

Because holy shit, you can’t even scroll when “dragging” so if you have more than the screen height of items, good luck ever copying your shit around! :rofl:

Nice UX, 7/11, would drag again

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I can drag requests to a collection but I can’t drop requests in a collection. Seriously, how do you move requests to another collection?

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Are you using the latest version of Postman? I can move requests between Collections.

Could you show an example of what you’re seeing please?