Is it possible to move existing collections into a folder?

I have collections imported into my Postman. Now I have created a new Collection and created a folder under it. I now would want to move the existing collection into this newly created folder. Is that even possible in Postman?


@kns.gogreen you should be able to drag and drop the collections into folders.

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So I have to pull each request from the old collection into the newly created folder that I want…but there is no way I can move them at once or import them into a folder. Correct?

Hey @kns.gogreen! At the moment you’ll need to move requests one by one. It’s a bit tedious, but if you have dozens or perhaps hundreds of requests you’d like to move in bulk, another option would be to export both collections as json and copy/paste the desired section of requests into the appropriate space. You would then import the collection back into Postman (“as a copy” at first, to make sure everything is good to go).

We do have an open github feature request for multi-select, which you can +1 and subscribe to get updates on development.


but in this gif, only individual requests are being dragged and dropped, not a collection itself. That is what OP asks, to move existing collection into another folder.

this issue is open since 2015