Monitor not sending recovery mail

Hi everybody.
I have created 2 monitor into the cloud and they send mail (Failures in the monitor - Monitor name) to all recipients in case of fails based on a test script result , but they are not sending the mail anymore of the recovery status ( Issues resolved in the monitor - Monitor name).
I have a free account.
Any tips?

Thank you.

Hey @tdomenici :wave: ,

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Are you able to provide anymore details about how this was set up, please? Do you know if it’s been edited by anyone?

When was the last time you received a recovery email? Are you seeing this for both monitors/emails? Has this gone to a spam folder?

I just tried a basic scenario and received the recovery email, after it was failing.

Hi and thanks for reply.
The problem is related to both monitor.
Last time i received the recovery mail was december, 7th.
Except for the collenction the monitor is point to , the configuration is the same :slight_smile:



And both of those Monitors are working correctly now and passing all tests etc?

Hy Danny, yes both monitor are up and running and send always the failure emails, but not the recovery mails anymore. The spam folder is empty.
No one of my team changed the configuration.
May be the mails stopped from Postaman smtp server for some reasons? Is there a way to check this?

Here are the healty status:


Are you able to purposefully make that monitor to fail, to receive the failure email. Then resolve the problem, to see the resolved email?

I posted an image with my response yesterday, showing that I had received the email. Not sure exactly why that is not coming through for you.

Are you behind a proxy or a VPN that may have changed recently?

I already tried to make the monitor fails , by descrising the timeout parameter into the test, and receiving the failure mail but no mail of the recovoery status after setting the timeout at the original value.
Did you try to get one more recovery mail after receiving the first?

Thanks a lot

This is the body of the email I received yesterday.

Here’s the sequence that happened:

  • Test Failed (Email received)
  • Email notifications for other Failed Runs
  • Test Passing (Resolved email received)
  • Test Failed (Email received)
  • Email notifications for other Failed Runs
  • Test Passing (Resolved email received)

I’ve reached out to the dev team to see if there are any known or reported issues, I’m waiting to here back now.

Thanks so mutch Danny for your tests and time.

No way no recovery mail received:

The last time you received a recovery email - Did the Monitor fail 3 times in a row first?

Hi Danny maybe you found the problem. Look at this screenshot:

last recovery mails arrived at the end of at least 3 failure mail long sequence; first sequence ends at 10:28 AM with recovery mail received and the second sequence ends at 3:00PM with recovery mail received

How do i set this parameter?
Thank you

Hi Danny, i forced the monitor to fail 3 times in a row and on the recovery status i correctly received the email. I don’t think it is configurable but it is just fine this behavior.
Thanks a lot for supporting me.

You’re welcome, there was a gap in our documentation about when those recovery emails are received. We are updating this on the learning center for future reference.

Hi Danny. I’m having the same issue as tommaso, but even when my monitor fails three times before passing, I’m not getting the resolved email. But I also haven’t gotten failure emails in a few weeks - Our settings have not been changed, and we were always getting one email per failure up to the number we’d set, at each of the email addresses that we listed. Also, I don’t believe the monitor previously had to fail three times before passing for the resolved email to be sent out.

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Has anyone else noticed that none of the monitor emails have gone out since early November?

Hey @shanethee

Could you provide a little more information here, please?

Some screenshots of your monitor and the configuration would be really helpful.

The last message from @tdomenici about 26 days ago, mentioned that they received emails after testing. :thinking:

Hi @danny-dainton, Thanks for the reply. I will post our email notification configuration below. Our notification set up has not changed in many months, but we stopped receiving any notification emails at all - the last date received was 11/9. We don’t get a notification of a failure, regardless of the number of times the monitor has failed, and we don’t get notifications when a monitor had failed, and then run again successfully.

It would need to fail 3 consecutive times and then pass to receive the recovery email message but you should get a fail email when the monitor failed.

Have you been in contact with they would be able to take a closer look at your account and the systems that push out the emails. I’m quite limited to what I can do or suggest here.