Is there any way to get email notifications even after successive failures


I am using Postman Pro and created a monitor with 5 requests. I came to observe that I am not able to receive an email notification after consecutive failures. Is there any way or can you suggest me to trigger email alerts even after consecutive failures?

Hi @Dilleswar.tudip,

You can trigger email notification for any failures on the Monitor run by clicking on Edit for the required monitor as shown here: EditMonitor

You are navigated to the Web Dashboard where you scroll down to click on the Additional Preferences link and add emails for which you want to trigger alerts for any failures on the monitor


Hello @aamir.ahmed

I had already tried with this. It didn’t work for me.

Hi @Dilleswar.tudip,

Thats strange ! I would do one quick search for the term ’ Postman Monitors’ in your email to see if it has gotten lost in spam and if you do not see anything, you should go ahead and submit a support ticket here:

Thanks @aamir.ahmed

I had received email notifications till the three successive failures, later I didn’t get any notifications.

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Is there any followup on this? Our team is seeing the same thing.

I am still waiting for the reply from the team.

@Dilleswar.tudip @d.song31 @aamir.ahmed Hi all! Apologies for the lack of clarity here in our docs (we’ll get those updated!). Monitor email notifications only go out for 3 consecutive failures, then pause until the next successful run.

To get notifications each time no matter the scenario, I’d recommend checking out our available integrations such as Slack or PagerDuty. Another option is to add a request to the collection to notify you via email (or elsewhere) of the results at the end of each run.

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Thanks for your response.

Can you please help me out to get the run collection information to send the same over email.

Did you get info on this? if yes, please share here.

@sachin.g Earlier failure emails were only sent for the first three consecutive monitor failures.

Recently our team has added this feature as per @Dilleswar.tudip request and now you can choose the number of consecutive failures after which you would like your monitor to stop sending failure notifications. Below is the link for the same:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Can you please assist on how to make that happen?
Best wishes