Monitors - some just won't run


I have 2 monitors setup. They both show up in the “Private” section.
The first one runs every weekday as scheduled, 9AM each Weekday. I can also Start it manually
The second monitor is listed in the Private section, but

  • it doesn’t run each weekday at 11AM (though configured as such)
  • I cannot run it manually. The orange “Play” button in the top right corner does nothing

I have used only a few requests from the 1000 I get in the free account.

Also, I configured some extra email address for the daily reports, but only my account’s emailaddress get’s the daily report. Not the extra emailaddress.
I does seem to work for the “failures” report on the first monitor itself (in the popup on the popup : “Also send a failure report to these addresses…”)

Thx for the help!
Kind of stuck here

Hi @oplage! There could be a few different things happening here - could you please email us at with the following information?

  • The email or username associated with your Postman account
  • The URL of the second monitor (you can copy this from your browser’s address bar)
  • A brief description of the collection you’re monitoring (input/output, if there are files involved, APIs you’re using, etc if you think it may be applicable)
  • A screenshot of your browser console logs when you attempt to manually run the second monitor
  • A screenshot of your email preferences


  • Did this problem just start recently, or has it always existed? (if recently, did you make any changes to the collection or test scripts?)
  • Have you checked your server logs to verify that your API server is working properly?
  • Have you checked the spam filter of the extra email addresses?

Just let us know what you’re able to! Any/all of the above will help us help you most efficiently. :slightly_smiling_face: