I am getting a false failure email from postman monitor

I have setup a monitor in postman. I get a failure email but when i go to dashboard the corresponding run failure is not available.

Why I am getting these false failure emails?

Hi @sachin.g

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Could you please navigate to the below link and see if you are able to locate the monitor for which you are receiving the failure emails?

If yes, click on the monitor and you should be able to identify the cause for the failure from the monitoring logs. This resource here should you know more about the same.

No I can’t see the failure logs here, for which i had received the mail.
It is weird that i got the mail but no logs.

As we will need to check the account details for the same. Would you please submit a ticket via the page below, along with screenshots of the mail and the Monitor from Web-dashboard - we’ll check on this further: https://support.getpostman.com/hc/en-us/requests/new