Monitor not sending to distribution group

I am very new to monitors in PostMan, but found it quickly served a unique need we had last week to monitor that our site is up and running at the most basic level. The email alerts work fine for me when I put in specific email addresses. However, when I try to send the notification to a distribution group, the distribution group never gets the notification. As far as we can see, the notification to the distribution group does not even reach our exchange server. We’ve tested that the distribution group works from outside of our network, so at this point we feel there is something unique going on with the monitor.

Is there any known reason that we shouldn’t be able to use a distribution group for notification from a monitor? If so, what recommendation do you have for notifying a more dynamic set of users other than changing the monitor settings directly. If this isn’t a known problem, how can we trouble-shoot this further.


I couldn’t find anything in the documentation nor in the open issues regarding that. I would recommend opening a new one on Github for this to be investigated.
In the meantime a workaround would be to:

  1. Have the alert sent to a specific email address
  2. Set a filter on that address to automatically forward it to the user-group

Hope that helps!

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