About checking autherization

Hello, I’m beginner user of postman tool, and also web.

I was tried to test about the request GET with authorization in the header.

My test direction was

→ Make a request GET example and add the authorization at header like below.

→ this token was personal token and generated from github.

→ And back to the collection, write a uri that it was request GET example and send like below.

In this his time I didn’t setup the authorization in this collection , but why there was got a normally response (status 200 OK)?

is it possible to get a OK status response without authorization in header? In my expecting, if there was not added the authorization value in header, I think it should be get a 401 status response.

Am I misunderstood?

what should I do , if I want to get a 401 status response in postman?

It looks like you are using a Mock, not the actual github endpoint.

After changing the url to github, it was confirmed that it worked normally.
I misunderstood the endpoint concept.

Thank you for your feedback.