Empty header parameter in generated documentation

Within Postman, I have an example with two headers. I have verified there are only two.

However, my published docs show three header arguments. The last one being a phantom one (cURL formatted --header ": ").

I have changed the body of the example, and that portion has updated without issue. The headers are the only ones that appear stuck. Additional headers don’t get rendered, either. Any suggestions for getting things synced up?

(Sorry for the lack of screenshots - as a new poster, I’m not permitted to upload them).

Are you seeing something like below? I was able to recreate the same type of behavior.
As you can see in the top screen shot I was able to create empty rows in the headers by first putting in content and then deleting it after I added the 2nd rows data. This resulted in a : “” header in the call.

I am not sure if this is what you did but maybe there is an extra row that snuck in there before you published.

Same output, but in my case I didn’t have empty rows (i.e., no additional checkboxes on the editor).


@aru.sahni Could you check to see if the code generated in the app is also adding the phantom header? You can do so by clicking on the Code link that shows up right below the Send button when you’re editing this request.

Unfortunately I can’t. I ended up working around the issue by creating new examples and copying the contents of the broken ones over. Thanks for your help!