Auto-Generated/Temp Cookie Header Missing from API Request

Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone else is missing their auto-generated Cookie header set by Postman? I’ve recently updated to Version 7.16.1 in Windows (win32 10.0.17763 / x64) and the Cookie header is no longer added to the list of Temporary Headers. Now my API requests to a 3rd party API are no longer working and this was the only discernible difference between my API request and the same one executed by a coworker. Additionally the same API request executes successfully via CURL, so I know there’s no issues with the API request itself.

Turns out my environment variables were not properly imported when I migrated from one PC to another. If anyone is experiencing this issue, double check that your environment variables are correct and that Postman didn’t add any trailing spaces or extra new lines.

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