Can't install Interceptor Bridge - FILE_PERMISSIONS_REQUIRED


I am runnig Postman v7.19.1 and trying to connect it with Interceptor plugin.

I am in the Postman Desktop, select Antenna icon , Cookies (BETA) tab, then click Install Bridge and after some process I get error message^


Tryed to restart Postman Desktop app , but still no luck :frowning:

Anyone saw this before and can share experience?

I would much appreciate your help.

Thank you,

Update: The error message says:
“Postman doesn’t have the required permissions to install Node.js and other dependencies. Read our troubleshooting doc for more information.”

ok, I found some tips in the documentation, and followed it and that seems to resolve my problem. What I did is:

  1. Closed Chrome browser
  2. Closed Postman application
  3. Checked that I have permissions on /.postman directory and subdirectories
  4. Killed ot the processes related the first two in the task manager.
  5. Started Chrome browser
  6. Started Postman application

These steps helped me.
Thank you,

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