Lost all the collections content

Hi, Today I received a message that the sync get some problem and I have to restart postman app. I did. After that all collections content became empty. The request was there, but without url, headers, body, nothing.

Is there any way to restore the collections data?

I would recommend you to send us the details to help@getpostman.com from your registered email id.

I did and receveid the following response, should I open an issue?

Thanks for reaching out to Postman!

We have a fantastic online community. In most instances it’s the best, and quickest, place to get answers on all things Postman. Some of our most advanced and passionate users, and many members of the Postman team, are regulars in the community.

If you believe you’ve found a bug, or have a suggestion for a feature, please head over to our GitHub issue tracker. You’ll find that our engineering team is very active here. Please be sure to read our guidelines for submitting issues.

As an additional resource we’ve also included below links to our documentation and tutorials which you may find very helpful if you’re just getting started with Postman.

If you are a Postman Pro or Postman Enterprise user, please log in to your Postman account and re-submit your ticket via our Help Center.


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