Lost recent collection

Hello - I’m recently was forced to reformat my computer, and now I need to re-configure Postman and resume working with my collections. I did find archives of my old collections, however these collections appear to be much older copies and not what I’m looking for. How can I locate my recently-updated Collections? Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi @zeltser59 -

The recovery of your collections will depend on if you were signed in to Postman when working on your collections, if you had sync enabled, what version of Postman you’re using, etc.

Some preliminary steps:

  1. Verify that you’re logged in to the correct Postman account
  2. Check the view all collections page to see all collections synced to Postman
  3. Check the trashcan if perhaps you accidentally deleted the collection
  4. Follow these steps if you were using Chrome and your local database was corrupted

If you’ve tried all those steps, you can try submitting a support ticket: https://www.getpostman.com/support.