Lost all history in Postman

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My question:
Is there a way to recover my request history? I am not looking to recover collections, just the history.

Details (like screenshots):
Somehow my postman seems to have lost the history of all my requests that I had made over the few months. I also did not save the requests to any collection so I’m not quite sure how to recover it (or if its even possible).

I do see there is a “lost” folder under AppData->Local->Google->Chrome->User Data->Local App Settings->

This folder has a 000039.log file and a MANIFEST file. The .log file seems to have a lot of the requests that I have lost so I feel like there may be a way to recover those from there. However, I’m not able to figure out how.

I also see there is a LOG.old file that says “log #39 : ignoring corruption: unknown WriteBatch tag”
Corruption: unknown record type 97
Corruption: bad record length
Corruption: unknown record type 83
Corruption bad record length
Corruption: unknown record type 92
606 ops saved to table #41
Archiving 000039.log

I’m assuming the 606 ops that it saved in table #41are the requests I am looking for. I don’t know where this table is and how to recover my requests from it

How I found the problem:
Started postman after reboot and my history was gone.

I’ve already tried:
I tried to figure out how postman works and where it saves the data.
I sent 2 dummy requests which now make my full postman history.
I then deleted the folder under Local App Settings.
I then restarted postman and it was able to display the 2 dummy requests to me and recreated the folder i deleted.

So I know that the data is persisted somewhere else. Trying to figure out where that “somewhere else” is.

NOTE : I am not logged in on my postman, so it shouldn’t be puling any data from a sync’d server on the cloud or anything (unless postman creates an anon profile for a non-logged in user)

Any help would be extremely appreciated.