Lost All Collections When I Created An Account

This works!! Thank you so much.

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Sign out from your account you will see all the collections you have made before creating the account,
export them, sign-in again and import them to your account

I can’t believe you guys would actually delete your users’ data like this, and with no recourse. stupid


Thank You very much…I was able to recover all my “lost” collections, which have been ignored by the very stupid postman sync algorithm. These guys know a lot about request management, but they did not understand how application sync has to to be used :slight_smile:

On a Mac, I can confirm that on creating an account all data is lost. It wasn’t synced to my newly created account, neither could I find it under Settings > Scratchpad (there is no link to Scratchpad).

For me, signing out of the account brought back my collection and environments (and other customization like Dark theme, etc).

It is insane that this issue is still open even after so many complaints over the years. It’s probably an indicator of where Postman is headed.

Worked for me too! A few days stale but contained the vast majority of my data.

A Mac solution if anyone still needs:

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Please do you know this path on MAC

I found the path on MAC…
/Users/{{username}}/Library/Application Support/Postman

This happened to me today. Been using Postman heavily for a week and finally decided to give into the GUI banner to log in. After I did I lost all of my connections. The last backup was a week ago, before I’d started using it heavily and therefore of no use for me.

What worked: I logged back out, clicked the button saying delete all local data and log out. Then the GUI flashed and reloaded. All my collections were back! This time I exported them and saved as a manual backup. I was able to log back in and then import.

I hadn’t hit save on some of the requests (to save the latest URL) so I’d recommend doing this before exporting.

Hope that helps!

This happened to me today, i saw the solution i think in this thread.
Solution for 2022:

  • go to settings in the right corner (Gear icon)
  • Select sratchpad in the dropdown
  • Voila, your local again

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This is still happening! And on a mac, none of the solutions above worked for me. Please Postman, fix this issue as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot!

On a typical day I choose not to send any of my data or actions for 3rd parties to be monitored. Today I had to participate into a Postman-session and had to create an account.


All of my previous work gone. It sucked a ton until I found your instructions on how to restore balance to the World.

I cannot believe this is still an issue.

It just happened to me. Luckily I’m a salty old developer who doesn’t trust any software he uses, so I exported my collections before logging in. Good thing I did because “gobble gobble gobble…” - they all disappeared.
In the end I followed @gscholtes-relativity advice and restored from the last back-up today.

But I’m not really incentivised to pay for the product if they can’t even get basic things right, like “not deleting all your data”.

I came here cause I had the same issue. It is now 2023, past 4 years from the original post and Postman has this issue?


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