Forced to create account lost all of my collections


Today I opened up Postman and it said it was logging me out of my account (an account I haven’t had access to in 3+ years), then it said I had to create a new account to use Postman. It said it was saving my data and there’d be no loss of my collections.

I created a new account. The collections weren’t there. It said there was a new version, so I upgraded to Version 11.2.12. Still no data. After reading a few posts here I tried Settings → Data → Migrate, there was no data to migrate. I created a new collection and imported the back up file dated today, the file was 150 characters long, it did no contain my collections, just an empty environment (my last backup was over 3 years ago, before I stated the latest job.)

Anywhere else I can be looking for my 3 years worth of work related collections? I’m on a mac. Thanks.

Hey @markatsyatt :wave:

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Just trying to establish some background information.

You mentioned you were signed out of an account you didn’t have access too - were you using Postman in a signed in state the whole time?

Is that account not recoverable using your email to request a password reset?

Could you expand on how you got the backup, I didn’t quite follow that.

Hi @danny-dainton,

Apparently I was signed in on an old account because it gave me a screen saying it was logging me out of that account–I was a little surprised to see that old email pop up. Unfortunately, that email address no longer exists, it was from my previous company.

For the back up, following another post here, I did an import from ~/Library/Application Support/Postman/backup-2024-06-19T18-37-34.944Z.json, which when I opened the file, did not have any significant data (presumably it was the backup Postman said it was making after it logged me out, the time stamp of the file fits.)

There was a similar post suggesting I migrate the data from Scratchpad, but I saw no reference to Scratchpad in Postman (seems it was removed some time ago) and the Data → Migrate option under Settings could find no data to migrate.

Any help would be appreciated, meantime I’m asking my client and co-workers if they may have an old export lying around.

Thank you,