Software tester - what are my options for formal classroom/online trainings?

Hello. I currently work as a software tester and I use Postman to test API’s. My employer has provided us benefits where we can take some time-off from work (total of 8 days) to undergo professional development every year and so I’d like to take advantage of this and undergo classroom/online trainings available for Postman. Does Postman offer consecutive, multi-day classroom/online trainings? If not, what are my options? I’d like to start from the basic so that I can get the proper fundamentals right.

Hey Paul! Welcome to the Postman community and congrats on making your first post :clap:

That sounds like a really great offering being able to take some professional training time off.
There’s a few things that we offer and perhaps @joyce could chime in with some more info, but we have a virtual workshop coming up this week that will cover the API Lifecycle with a part 2 coming in June.

Also in June is an in-person workshop that will take place in San Francisco towards the end of the month, but we don’t have too many details to share on that yet.

If you’re looking for something a bit more self-paced, we have the awesome 30 days of Postman challenge that you can go through and earn a badge for your completion. This course is one of the best ways to learn all of the basics to some of the more intermediate and advanced features in Postman.

Lastly, there are some really great online (and sometimes in person too!) events that members of our community will share in the #events category. You can also keep an eye on the Postman Twitter account for announcements for any events we are speaking at or hosting.

In addition to what @kevin-postman said, here are some self-guided lessons for testers: