How to apply for the Postman API Tester badge

HI everyone
Just wanted to know how we can apply for the postman API Tester badge?
what are the steps that need to be completed for this?

Hello @Ajit_samota, Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Postman offers variety of training collections which will more self explanatory and you get the badges after submission of your collections.

  1. Student Expert Program (Not only for Students, who are new to Postman can explore this training)

  2. Galxaxy Training which offers about basics of Mocking and API Testing functionalities around Postman. So your Postman API Tester badge will be given once you complete the “Galaxy Testing and Automation” collection from this link.

  3. You feel in love with Postman and wanna explore more features then you should definitely try out “30 Days of Postman” training collections.

I hope this help, if you are totally new to APIs and Postman, feel free to read my blog here on how to get started with Postman.

All the very best :blush:


Hi @bpricilla thanks for the reply.
I am not new to API Testing I have good experience but yes I am new to Badge think but wanted to earn some badges for my profile so could you please let me know the steps for the postman API Tester badge as I submitted the collection for student expert so I don’t need this but for others I need the help
Thank again for your help

Hi @Ajit_samota

Go to this link
Fork the relevant collection and complete the required task.
Then follow the instructions at the end to submit your collection for a review.

Hope that helps.

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Hi @bpricilla , already done the second training you mentioned but still does not get the badge after submitting the google form around two weeks already. Do I need to completed the three training you mentioned to received the badge ?