Postman Tutorials?

I’ve noticed there are forum badges for users who complete the “new user tutorial” and “Completed our advanced user tutorial”

Where are these?? :S

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Go here:

Look for the "Certified badge (Completed our new user tutorial) “Licensed” badge (Completed our advanced user tutorial).

EDIT: But… actually doing that doesn’t lead you to the tutorial. :frowning:


It appears as though the tutorial has been removed. My assumption is, it is due to the number of updates made to the software and keeping the tutorial up-to-date was no longer possible. :disappointed:

Unrelated but we recently launched Lessons in Postman, which are like in-app tutorials that help you get started with different Postman features. You can read more about them here.

Any sort of feedback would be much appreciated. :smile:

But does completing it give you a sweet badge on this forum? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m asking the important questions here haha

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Not yet, but we are actually working on a reward system for the learning centre, this is an interesting take on the problem, would keep it in mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been going through some of the tutorials and decided to go back and do the early one’s for completeness sake and the very first step in the very first tutorial appears to have a bug, it tells the user to hit the import button to move on but gives no instructions after that and the tutorial just sorta stops? Am I missing something? I haven’t had any trouble with any of the other tutorials

@Ben_Levy1138 Is it happening for all the lessons with import step or just some particular lesson.

I believe it’s only the first lesson with the import step. Also, where it would say, “Next” on any other step, the internal modal button text is “import” instead. It’s literally the first step in the first lesson, I’m using OS X Mojave.



@Ben_Levy1138 Thanks for the information. Just to help us debug better can you try out the following steps and help me with the information.

  1. Open Devtools (View -> Developer -> Show Devtools (Current View))
  2. Go to Networks tab in Devtools.
  3. Start the the lesson (the one which is not working) and click on import button in the first step.
  4. You will see a network call with /run endpoint. Click on it to see the details and response.
  5. Take a screenshot and attach it here.

Thanks in advance.

It just worked this time. The only thing I did differently was to open up the postman console. It had been completing the step, It imported the collection every time, it just didn’t move the lesson forward. In any case, it work now, thank you!