Local Annonymous data erased at login

I was using postman to test my apis and everything was cool.

Now I wanted to test de Documentation function and for that I had to login. So far so good…

The thing is that when I login I loose all the data I had before login in, my request were all piled up in the history tab messed up. I sign out to try to export my data before login in again and it wasn’t there. It actually showed me the welcome window again.

I signed in again to check for my request in the history tab and they weren’t there either.

So, anyone can tell me where are my data?? I need it back!!!

Kind of an emergency here…

Hi @arnaldoeperezb

Have you logged out of the app after you have noticed this issue? Are you still seeing this issue?

Already done that, I’m using windows 10 fyi