Did signing out of Postman really just delete all my data?

I’ve been using Postman without signing in for months. Our company is pretty restrictive about putting anything in the cloud. I did want to see what else I could do with an account, so I signed up and signed in. After poking around, I decided I didn’t see enough value so I signed-out. There was some message about deleting things, but I figured since I hadn’t created anything new I didn’t have anything to save. After signing out, when I restart Postman, all of my previous requests and collections seem to have been deleted. Is this really what happened, or is there some way to recover what I had been using?


Hey @jhowe!

Sorry to hear you’re having problems here – locally stored data is wiped when a user signs out of the app.

If you have backups of your local files, we may be able to guide you through the restoration process.

Unfortunately I don’t have backups. I do have one collection that I had exported previously, so I will be able to restore that. I must say that I was not expecting Postman to basically take ownership of my local files just because I signed in to a cloud account. When I saw the message about deleting local files, I thought that Postman might delete some files that were created while I was logged on, and I was fine with that. I didn’t know that Postman was going to wipe out the work I had done before I ever created a Postman account. Sadly our office desktops are not backed up (something I’ve complained about), so it seems that the requests I had created are now gone and I’ll have to recreate them as needed. I really find Postman useful, but I don’t understand why it would need to wipe out all data just because you sign out of your account.


You also might want to read about - Data dump in Postman

Which will help you to backup all your data across the workspaces that you’ve joined.

Yes, in hindsight that would have been a good thing to do and it is something that I will take advantage of going forward.


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Have just seen this post and it looks like I have now lost years of work. Why on earth would you put a button to delete all of your local data where you would normally find a login or cancel button. I was in a rush to get to postman and clicked this button. Now I have nothing. We are behind a firewall and all my data is local because I cant sync. This is the most stupid functionality ever. There wasn’t even a warning button to let you know that all local data would be irretrievably deleted. I wish I had never signed up to postman - I had been happily using it locally for years. I agree with jhowe - " I was not expecting Postman to basically take ownership of my local files just because I signed in to a cloud account" - who thought this would be a good idea? (especially with a self destruct button where you would normally expect a login button).


Really annoyed by this “feature”… Wish I have never signed in. Users be warned.

What the hell? I just lost months of work due to this. This is a deal-breaker… i’m switching to ARC; recommend others do the same.

Same here… just lost 2 years work just because I clicked the sign in button

@marthedal22 Did you mean sign out? If you had sync enabled signing back in will restore your data. You can verify that by going to https://go.postman.co/me and checking if your data is there.

Same thing happened to me. Lost a ton of work just now.

This just happened to one of our users and he found a backup .json file under \Appdata\Roaming\Postman with a filename of backup-<date.time>.json. He made a copy of the file and imported it into Postman and got his data back. He hadn’t ever created an account and had just used Postman locally, never syncing his collections. Hope this could help you!