Link to a request inside another request documentation (without URLs)

What I want to achieve:
I want to add a link to a request inside another request documentation, like:

For additional info, see [this request] (link to request).

Right now, the only way to do that (at least the only one that at least kind of works) is getting a URL link to the request I want to reference, and inserting it as a link inside the documentation. This works, if I configure the access to my collection, create a team, etc (so that other people can access this link). But I plan on sharing the collection by exporting it to a JSON and sharing it with my team, therefore, all of these links will be simply unusable.

So, simply put, I want to be able to reference a request locally, in the scope of this collection, without relying on web links.

What I’ve already tried
From other topics here, I’ve found this way of referencing a request:
[some display text](#id)
I’ve tried that using the Markdown editor with the id you can get from the request info (in the right sidebar), but it simply doesn’t work (it does get parsed as a link, but that link doesn’t seem to lead anywhere).

Other topics i’ve visited which didn’t help me:

I’ve also seen this GitHub issue, which only suggests using request URLs:

I’ve spent hours now trying to see if this is possible. Seems like a simple feature, but it’s just not there. I think I’m going crazy. Please someone help me figure this out.

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Hi !
Did you manage to find a solution for this problem?