Link to different request inside documentation?


so im making a doc for my api, and i want to link to a different request like “see this request for more info on the format”, but i cant find anything about how to do that. i know i can make links like [here](#imananchor) but the anchors are all guids for the requests, and i dont have a way of accessing them inside of postman, i can only find them in the doc itself, and i dont know if these ids are fixed.

am i just blind?

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Hi @fredlllll! I think you’ll find this previous post helpful. If you check out our Postman API, it also states the following:

Individual resources in your Postman Account is accessible using its unique id (uid). The uid is a simple concatenation of the resource owner’s user-id and the resource-id. For example, a collection’s uid is {{owner_id}}-{{collection_id}}.

Unique IDs are indeed fixed and your links would only need to be updated if you removed those requests from your collection or wanted to link to another section instead. The simplest way to retrieve the complete links is by “View in Web” and clicking on the request to see the URL update, but you can also make use of our API to get the uids in question.


thanks! i guess ill use the ids then. its a bit clunky though and i wish i could use the variable syntax with the {{}} which then at least gives me an autocomplete for the ids (tiny feature request :wink: )

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Appreciate the feedback! We can definitely look into easing the process down the line (cc @vk.postman)