Run collection - is there an alert for user to read the collection documentation?

I am sharing some collections with other team members and id like to make it obvious to them to read each collection documentation before running the collection runner
is there such an alert option?

Hey @hannahbroch

How are you showing the links to those Collections?

You could share them using a link that opens the documentation in a full tab, as the first thing they see. This is an example using one of our Public Collections:

You can get to this by first clicking the View complete collection documentation link at the bottom of the Documentation right sidebar option:

Then copy the link to that element, by hovering over the Collection name and clicking on the link icon:


Even by doing all of that, there is no 100% guarantee that they will actually read the documentation :grimacing:

so im sharing it via a Json link, is there still a way to share it with the full documentation open?

If you’re working with other team members, they will be able to see those Collections in a Team Workspace. Sharing the links I suggested, would get them directly there without the need to generate a public link and then exporting that into the platform again.

The Public links are just the raw JSON of the collection, so It wouldn’t direct anyone anywhere, it would only import the Collection. They would still need to open the documentation themselves.