Leave the group by mistake

Hello, I left my warped-meteor computer by mistake and I no longer have access to any of my workspaces.

How can I recover it, thank you very much, I will keep an eye on any help

Best regards!

Hi @alejandrourbina

Do you have a backup of your data?

If not, is there another admin in the team space that can add you back in?

If not, there is a chance you no longer have access (this happened to me, unfortunately)

Hi @w4dd325,

Unfortunately, I didn’t do the backup, but thanks for making me see that I can ask my coworker for help, I’m going to tell him if he has access and to add it back to the workspace.

wow, what a shame that happened to you too! thanks for linking your question :slight_smile:

As long as there is an admin you should have access, just get added back in to the team (as far as I am aware).

I would suggest backing up your data just in case.
You could push to GitHub etc, or you could use the option in settings;

settings > data > export data


As soon as I recover the endpoints, I will export the data for backup Txs!

I’m looking at the team profile but the endpoints I’ve been generating are not showing up, but I do get this notice:

Your solar-zodiac team data is now available in your personal workspaces. we will inform you by email when it is ready.

Will I get it back?

Not 100% sure … all I can suggest is waiting for that email … It sounds promising though … :crossed_fingers:

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Yeap!!! hope I’m lucky, thanks for the help! :muscle:

Hey!! @w4dd325, I finally got a reply from postman and they sent me a super link to access the workgroup again and recover my folders :slight_smile: of course, I just exported all my data :slight_smile: cheers!!!

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Excellent, glad it’s sorted :man_astronaut: