API requests fails after update


I work with financial and we use Postman to create and activate orders

After the latest updates none of my post requests to create an order work.
First a bunch of random headers had been added that I had to remove and once that was solved I got the following error in the response body:

“transactionId”: “20201013d392855f05b2e9c8ae52d91c”,
“iscId”: “ISC000”,
“error”: [
“code”: “ISC-ECORE”,
“message”: “Validation failed”,
“systemId”: “SYS999”
“validationError”: [
“propertyPath”: “[body]”,
“errorMessage”: “may not be null”

These are requests I’ve been using for years and never got this problem before…

Anyone have a clue on what I need to do to get this working?


There seems to be a property (or maybe the request body) that is missing. Also check that you have the right HTTP method (like POST, not GET).