I have paid for Postman Pro plan, and do I still need to pay more to add less than 5 users?

Why I can add 5 users to my Team in Postman Free plan, but when I paid for Postman Pro, I only can add one user to my Team?

When I paid for Postman Pro, I input 1 to the Team Size, shown as below.
This is the number of paid slots you will be charged for. You can additionally add up to 2 support roles for free.

I don’t know the difference between the number of users and the number of support roles.

Do I still need to pay more to add less than 5 users?

If this, I don’t need pay for Postman Pro.

Who can help me?

The deal is that?

Postman Pro is licensed on a per user per month model. You do not need to upgrade to Pro if you do not need any of the additional features and extended limits that come with it. But when you upgrade to Pro, you are billed according to the number of users on the team. I recommend that you go through our pricing page to get a comparison of the different things you get with it.

Any billing related queries are handled by our support and sales teams. If you face further billing related issues, please drop an email to help@getpostman.com.

I will close this topic now. Feel free to open another thread if you have other queries or inputs about Postman.