Pricing - Who needs to have Pro and Enterprise


Looking at the plan comparison and unsure when Pro or Enterprise is required?

It seems like it’s entirely optional unlike the usual licensing module where you must pay if used for work?

What are the views/calls limits for? Would the app prevent me from making more API calls if I reached the 1000 free limit?


Hi Roberto,

Thanks for writing in, and welcome to the Postman community!

The free tier of Postman is completely open to use for commercial purposes. Paying for the product is completely based on your use case. If you hit the limits on any of the features (number of shared requests, monitors, mock servers, documentation views), then you will be blocked from making any more.

If you’d like to have a more detailed discussion on this or any other commercial queries, please write in to us at

Hope this answered your questions!

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Thanks @nikhil.thomas.

@robertocpsilva I’ll close this thread since sales related questions are handled directly by the sales team. Feel free to open another topic or look around and see if you find anything interesting.