Limit on users in free team

Hello everyone!

I just started and do not understand limit of users count.
On this faq page (in What are the usage limits for free users? subtitle) write that I have unlimited workspaces and invite as many members as you want.

But when I open manage team, I see that 2/5. Does this mean that I can only add 4 members? But in faq page written the opposite is it deprecated?

Same, I couldn’t find limit of members team in price plan or another page site, just written Suggested.
Please, explain it.

Or does manage team page explain everything and I can invite 4 members free and other are paid?

Hi @Wolf29, welcome to the community! :wave:

Yes, you can add an unlimited number of members and the faq page still has the correct information.
Once you add 3 more members, the number on the right (2/5), the 5 will start to gradually increase, but wouldn’t be blocking you from adding n more members to your team.

When switching to a paid plan, you need to add the number of slots you’d like to purchase, where 1 slot is for each user, so there won’t be any unlimited slots available here. If you feel like adding more members in a paid team and suppose that you’ve run out of slots in your team, you can always purchase more. :slight_smile:

More information is available here:

Hi @sivcan
thanks for your reply! :smiley:
Now I Understand

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