How to pass a csv in collection runner which starts with 0's

I am using collection runner to run a GET command which uses a variable. I have the code ready and running for multiple values in the variable. Now i am trying to use collection runner and import a csv file to get the input values . This runs fine when my input id starts with 1 or something but it fails when my input id starts with 0 .For all inputs with 0 it takes from the next value and fails , how can i get rid of this error? My csv file if i open it on notepad i can see the leading zeros in there.


I tried using “01234” within the quotes and due to the quotes the runner reads it as %220123422% which is also not working in my case

Hey @sujithkumar.matharas,

I believe this is expected behaviour because the number without quotes is converted to a Javascript Number when the CSV gets parsed in the Postman app. You cannot store a number with a leading zero in Javascript. You can replicate this behaviour in the Chrome Console:

Thus why wrapping the number in quotes should typically help here because it’s treated as a String. There’s some context here, if needed:

Now regarding why it isn’t working for your particular use case, i.e. %220123422%, could you provide more information or screenshots about how you’re using this value? I just tried on my end by saving it to an Environment Variable and then referencing the variable as part of a URL param, and it worked but curious to get more details. Hopefully, the information provided helps.

Hi Sabri,

I stored the values in my csv file as
with header companies which is my variable and when i pass this file in collection runner i get this error

So if you see in the error after gb it has %22 before our provided ID because of the quotes.

just to add to this, i dont have anything in my body & pre-request script however i have this in my tests code
pm.test(“Body contains companies”, function () {


// older syntax still works too: with dot or bracket notation


console.log("companies to be sent: " + data["companies"]); 


to loop through all id’s and i havent declared any variable in global or environments

Hi @sujithkumar.matharas,

How are you setting the URL? When I include quotes around the item in the CSV file, it resolves as a string with pm.iterationData.get('companies'). It looks like the error you’re getting is coming from the URL containing quotes. I’m wondering if those quotes are sneaking in via some other way. If I include {{companies}} as a variable in the URL, that’s also resolving correctly. Are you using that variable syntax in the URL address bar or are you setting the URL in a pre-request script via pm.request.url?




One more thing. I’d make sure your quotes aren’t getting escaped in the CSV file. It should look like "01234" in the raw CSV file, not """01234""".



i was using “01234” in this format only but it wasnt working, so i used online csv to json convertor and then uploaded the json file which ran fine.

This is a very common scenario to have leading zeroes in imported data variables.
I’m surprised why postman didn’t resolve this yet.
As a temporary solution, I am converting CSV to JSON and running all my data driven tests (yes, this is cumbersome way but no other option).

Arjun Marati