Exception when using Collection Runner

Hello new to POSTMAN and i’m trying to run a collection runner from a CSV file. I have saved the file as UTF-8 encoded (unix csv?). I’m posting a request to a URL using application/json. Here is a snippet

“SSN”: {{ssn}},
“FirstName”: {{first}},
“LastName”: {{last}},

The files seems to be formatted correctly, i do not see any illegal characters etc…

I receive the following error. I added x;s to mask data. but the ERROR appears in the middle of the name

“Exceptions”: {
“Exception”: [{
“Code”: -3,
“Message”: "Bad Request: Error - syntax error "
Bad value " [line 6, file offset 123]
“SSN”: xxxxxx,
“FirstName”: x * ERROR * xxxxx,
“LastName”: xxxxx,

Looking at the request packet in POSTMAN, it is pulling the data correctly from the file. The error is the same for all 30 records.

Hey @emon22,

Just taking a quick guess based on the request body that you have, I take it that the FirstName and LastName keys are string values?

Could you give the request another try but wrap those two in keys in quotes…for example - "FirstName":"{{first}}".

I’m not sure what the other property is that you have, is that also a string or a number?

Failing that, you could open the Postman Console and check the request body of the failing requests to see whats getting sent across.

YAAASSSS, that was it!! They are all string values, thanks so much!

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