CSV import problem - escaping double-quotes and comma in collection runner

Hi guys,

i’ve got a big problem and can’t find a solution in existing threads or via Google/GitHub …

I have to do a few API tests with the Collection runner. I’ve got an Excel CSV file for my variable values. Most of the included data are just strings but there is also one Array with several quotes and multiple comma which Looks like this:


When i upload the CSV-file into the runnter and have a look at the preview it always makes one string out of the whole dsv data which looks like this:


My CSV looks like this:


post,DE0009697435400619754770040123456,4041407000008,2020-02-20 12:00:00,123456,[{“obisCode”:“1-1:1.8.1”,“value”:“3.20”,“qualifier”:“read”},{“obisCode”:“1-1:1.8.2”,“value”:“5.50”,“qualifier”:“read”}]

Escaping the double quotes with \ doesn’t work. I also read that Postman don’t support \ as escape anymore. How can i fix this? I need the whole array exactly like i wrote it in the CSV - with all comma and quotes. I know the array is in json Format, but unfortunatly the API doesn’t allow anyhting else.

I’m using the newest Version of postman.
Thanks for your help in advance!

Nobody knows a solution for my problem? :frowning:

You can try converting your csv to json.

The collection runner supports both formats.