Runner with input from csv file


I have a input from a csv file with different colums mapped to different dynamic variables. One of the colums contain ip address, if there are only one ip address the script works against the endpoint.
It will look like this:

  Ipaddress: “”

If the field have two ip address it will look like this

 Ipaddress: “,”

The endpoint will not accept this. It should look like this:

Ipaddress: “”, “”

csv file:

Name; ipaddress

I hope it make sence and someone can help me

Best regards,


If I understand your question, you may need to manipulate your CSV data before running it through your request?

Check Using CSV and JSON Data Files in the Postman Collection Runner | Postman Blog – it will show you how you can use the Pre-request scripts to manipulate your CSV data, in this case it might look something like data.Ipaddress where you can check if the value contains a space, and if so to manipulate it to the format your request needs.