How to open Postman for Windows after installing it?

I installed Postman for Windows and it is opened after getting installed. Now, how can I open Postman again after closing it?

If I try to open postman again, then it again tries to install postman

Hi VijayCreative

Did you ever get an answer to this or figure it out? Because I have the same issue, always have had since moving from the Chrome App. It says it is installing. But doesn’t seem to install anywhere. It may well have done, but I see no shortcut of menu option.

Did you get to the bottom of this? Postman is great and I use it a lot, but to go through the ‘install’ everytime I want to get it to run is a bit of a pain.



I think I have worked it out.

I had to uninstall the Chrome App. It seemed that Windows ran that by default. After uninstalling, I can now load Postman without the reinstall procedure.

Perfect :wink:


Thank you folks. But is there no way to re-open the native app on windows 7 without uninstalling the older version or trying to reinstall the native app?