How to efficiently review postman test suite changes in pull request

Hi there, my team is using postman and newman to automate our API tests in CI, it’s all great and we are really happy with it. The only caveat tho is we found it really hard to review changes made to the test suite by another teammate in a pull request.
Basically our workflow is like:

  • we checked in the test suite json file to source control
  • when one team member makes changes, he would update the tests & requests through the postman UI, then export the collection into a new json file that overwrites the previous one
  • the updated json is commited and included in a pull request

However we found that because of the export, sometimes all the reuqest IDs change and that creates a lot of git diffs that makes finding the actual changes hard. Also since the json format is has various nested layers, the diff is hard to interpret and read.

Therefore, I wonder if we are using the workflow incorrectly or this is something postman can enhance on?

@junyuw Why not use the version control built by Postman inside the tool?

Have you tried giving a shot? If you have, then what exactly are the problems that you faced which made you switch to a more traditional way of maintaining collections using git for eg.?