Development workflow for APIs


I would like to set up a workflow system similar to that of a Github development.
I’d like to synchronize collections from one or more Github repo on different branches.

What I’d like is for a tester on Postman to be able to :

  • Place the tester on the Github branch of interest
  • Create a fork of the protected parent collection from the chosen branch
  • Make modifications
  • Create a Pull Request (review by other testers)
  • Allow the editor/maintainer of the collection to merge the PR once it has been validated (if possible, wait until the reviewers are all ok).
  • Once merged into the parent collection, synchronize changes with Github. Remember that we currently don’t allow any merge in GH without 2 reviewers.

Because in the CI, we have a tree structure, and nightly runs with Newman to execute collections on different OSes, etc.

Because the current process is cumbersome, time-consuming and a source of conflict:

  • API development on the Postman side
  • Once personally validated, export the JSON collection
  • Create a branch, add the file(s) and open the PR on the GH side
  • Add reviewers, who must read JSON… So you might as well say it’s unreadable
  • Once validated, merge the PR into the dedicated development branch.
  • The IC will then automatically run the tests.

Another question:
How do you manage the correct folders, projects etc. between workspaces and collections?
For example, we maintain different versions. Could this be the repository?

Can you give us an idea of what can be done?


Have a nice day!