Review process for postman

Hi Mates,

We are team of 5 people heavily dependent on API testing - we have chosen Postman as a weapon of choice.

We have about 2000 requests spread across around 40 scenarios/folder. It has become a full fledged project repository.

What is the recommended way for doing a peer review?

For example: Someone makes a change - the team needs to be aware of the change in postman requests or tests. At this point, there is no peer review in place.

We can use Git to check our json collection but doing a PR in git in json is very cumbersome.


@SatejMirpagar This is something I have had concerns about and have spoken with the Postman team in regards to this and they do have some features coming out in the near term that should help address these issues.

I will leave one of the Postman team members to share more information but I think this solution will solve this for you. cc @joyce

Yep, @tmccann is right - this has been a frequently requested feature, and we hope to publish a public RFC very soon for you all to weigh in.

In the meantime, you can keep tabs on updates with the activity feeds or built-in integrations like for slack. Although it doesn’t address your question regarding peer review, it allows your team to stay on top of changes.

Thanks @tmccann and @joyce for your response. Actually peer review is becoming a deal breaker for us in using Postman. We want to continue using postman - instead of building of own framework.

@SatejMirpagar Do you guys use any sort of CVS? GitHub or something of the like?
My best advise here would be that you could store exported collections in something like that and then you can do a diff on the files when someone makes a change.

This is our current strategy, not only for being able to see the differences between changes but also to keep things off our machines and backed up, outside of the Postman Sync process. This also comes in handy and a source of truth when we have many people working on the same collection at once.

Maybe something like this would be helpful for you until the Postman team can release these new features.