How to dismiss the "Looks like your team is full" notification?

We have a small team of 3 users sharing a workspace, with a very low probability of adding any more users to the team. How do we dismiss the “Looks like your team is full” notification at the top of the window? Without upgrading the plan, of course.


Hey @johnny-vdberg

In an upcoming release, We will be making the banner dismissible. We will also be changing the colour from red to yellow.


That would be super helpful. Thanks :grinning:

in the meantime, how can we use the application? in my case, I’m part of a full team and want to switch to my personal account, but can’t figure out how because the application seems to be completely locked by this banner.


Same here… How can we still use the application? At least my personal account.

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This is a fairly significant issue that we’re unable to use the application at all. This feels similar to ransomware at the moment (even though it is likely unintentional). Locked out of all my accounts (personal, other teams) until I pay for teams with the account having the issue

@mholtzman @paul1 @jcullcay If you are using multiple accounts on Postman you can go to and choose your personal account.

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thanks @prashant_postman, I’m able to log into the web app but can’t figure out how this helps me use the desktop application

You can get rid of the popup by using DevTools (option+command+i on Mac), and then deleting one of the elements with class “ReactModalPortal”, there should be only one with a child element, thats the one you’re looking for.


@mholtzman I have provided this as feedback to our product team and they are working on resolving this soon.

As a workaround for now you can follow these steps:

  1. Once you see that blocking modal, click on the Manage Team button. This will take you to our web application.
  2. On our web application go to Account dropdown (The one with your Avatar in the top right section) and choose active session.
  3. Remove the Desktop app session from that list.
  4. Go back to your desktop app and restart the application.
  5. You will now see a modal to Sign In or Sign Out. Click on Sign Out.
  6. This will switch to your other logged-in account on the desktop application. If you don’t have one, Postman will ask you to add one or continue without an account.

I hope this resolves your issue temporarily.


I’m in the same situation as of yesterday. I’m a member of a team that is now oversized for the Free tier. I have no control over this. But I can’t use my personal collections because the app is completely blocked.

I’ve switched to Insomnia until this is fixed.


Wow - this is still not sorted and now I can’t access my OWN private workspace on the website either…

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I used Postman today, this issue stills not fixed.

I’ve switched to Insomnia.