How to customize the 'Export Results' in Collection Runner

Hello, I need to include the response headers in the exported JSON file. Tried “Log All Responses” option but couldn’t get those values in the exported file?

Any one know about customizing the export?

Hey @syam,

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The Export Results feature in the Collection Runner will only give you the high level information about the run (Test Passes/Failures Counts, Response Timings, etc) and not the detailed explanation about each request.

You can get this information from the Runner but clicking on the Request Name, which will display those details.

To export the whole run results into a file, which would contain all the information, you would need to use Newman to run the collection file from the command line. Details of how to do this can be found on the Newman repo.

A number of reporters (json, JUnit, HTML, etc.) can be used with Newman and will create a final report for you.

Custom community created reporters are also available, the htmlextra reporter will give you all the information you need and it’s awesome (I’m 100% bias :slight_smile: )

An example of what the reports look like can be found here:

Feel free to interact with the report to see if this is something that might be useful. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Danny. That helps.

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