Exporting or Getting All Run Results

Hello everyone,
Is there any way to export or get all the the result information in the Run tab of the Collection?
I need to be able to collect the values in the column names of each run in one place, not just one run.
I need filtered or unfiltered results and sum of the each column.

Thank you in advance!

Hey @security-explorer-92 :wave:

From the App, in the individual reports you can export the results. The button is in the top right.

There isn’t an option to export all of the runs in a single final.

Thank you, It would be great if we could export all runs (at least basic data). So is there a Postman API to export the run result, I honestly need something not so manual?


Hi @security-explorer-92.

An option that could work for you is to run your collection on the command line using newman, and using newman built-in-reporters to present the run results.

This currently isn’t an option or endpoint in the Postman API. This can be raised as a new feature request on our public tracker:

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