Collection Runner - Export results

When I run the Collection Runner, there’s no way to show/save the Run Results and instead have to contend with Export Results, which is a huge bunch of JSON ramblings. I can’t show this to anyone as they have a short attention span and need something simple & colorful, like the Run Results. Is there a way to get this info saved and if not, is it planned?

Hi @christopherktom

This collection from @sivcan writes the response data to a file and stores them locally:

Example View from the response file:

Do check the same and see if that helps.

I appreciate you providing a workaround. Plz create a Feature Request ticket that basically says “Allow the user to customize the export results into an easy-to-read format in the Collection Runner.”

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@christopherktom I have raised this on your behalf as a feature request in GitHub and here is the link for the same. Do subscribe to the issue and add any additional comments that might be helpful for the engineering team there.

Additionally, I would recommend you to try the htmlextra reporter which will help you to get the results of Newman run in HTML format. Do give a try :slight_smile:

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